Our Practice For New Patients


Our center is dedicated to helping children and adults treat a variety of vision problems that cannot be corrected with regular eyeglasses and contact lenses. This includes treating lazy eye (amblyopia), eye turns (strabismus), and a variety of eye coordination and eye movement disorders as well as vision problems that interfere with reading and learning.

New Patient Forms

To help speed the initial registration and familiarization process, the forms are available to fill out online. See links below.

If you prefer to print the history form so you can fill it in by hand and bring to the office for your appointment, see the “PRINT” links below.


We are always ready to help with scheduling or anything you may need during your time with us. We will take extra care to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and thoroughly explain your condition and treatment options. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (516) 334-9385 or use our online Request an Appointment form.


If at any time you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us. We will be glad to reschedule your appointment at a more favorable time. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to seeing you.

Insurance Information

We participate with a few insurance carriers at this time. If we currently do not participate with your insurance, we will, however, assist you in filling out any of the necessary forms to obtain reimbursement. If you a require "letter of medical necessity" or help in filling your claims, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Our Mission

To diagnose and treat functional vision disorders in both children and adults

To diagnose and treat functional vision deficits which occur after acquired brain injury such as stroke, accidents, post neurosurgery

To develop optimal visual function in children with developmental delays and special needs

To educate the public of the importance of diagnosing and treating vision deficits when they exist and their impact on reading, learning, academic performance and the ability for an individual to achieve at their potential

To provide a nurturing, supportive and caring environment for both the patients we treat and our staff that provides their care

To provide individualized attention to every patient so that they may achieve their goals

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